Support the team

Are you a corporate, a non-profit or an individual? You can help in some way

What’s in it for you?

  • Brand exposure in Sydney (500 kids, coaches & parents)
  • Co-promotion supporting Norwegian team internationally
  • Aligns with SDG #4 (Quality Education) & #9 (Innovation)
  • Strengthen your charter for CSR & ESG Reporting
  • Brand building in the local community as a Socially Responsible employer

What can we offer you?

  • Brand / Logo visibility at various touch points
  • Event promotion on school website*
  • Presence on digital channels
  • Workshops raising awareness about FLL & Lego Robotics

How you can support us

1. Cash Sponsorships

  • Any amount that you feel comfortable with. Help increase the pool of funds we’ve raised so far
  • So far, organizations have supported us with 10000 – 30000 kr

Can you help with Sponsorship?

2. Pay for one of these

  • ✅ Event registration (Asker Kommune 🙏)
  • Flight tickets / accommodation in Sydney
  • Printing event-material (T-shirts, flyers, roll up banners, merchandise, , booth material and more)
  • IT costs (Equipment, Website, Cloud Hosting, etc)
  • Discounts on one or more of the above

Want to help with one of these?

3. Contribute as Individuals

  • We’ve set up a crowdfunding page on Spleis
  • Make your own personal contribution
  • Spread the word in your network

Want to help?

Get in touch with us to explore how to collaborate further

  • Coach: Anuradha DOT Shridharan AT gmail DOT com
  • Coach: Shubham DOT Bhattacharya AT gmail DOT com
  • Principal: principal AT @askeris DOT no

Thank you to our sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsor for supporting us. We’ve had support with Lego Spike Prime Kit, Flights to Mo i Rana, Registrations for Sydney & more…

Asker International School
Asker Kommune
Boost AI
Interaxo / tribia AS
Avo Consulting
Bærum Kommune
Eirik Norman Hansen
Assa Abloy Global Solutions – Marine

In addition to this, we’ve had a lot of parents and individuals that have supported us through their contributions in amounts of all ranges