Our Journey in FLL

Here’s a short glimpse of our journey. We’ve had loads of fun talking to people, building and coding, agreeing to disagree, competing and more…

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Progress in our robot journey


August 2023

Start of the journey

Assembled a new team of students. Getting exposure for the first time about the format of FLL

November 2023

Oslo Regional Level

26 Teams
Nominations: 4 categories
Innovation project: 1st place
Championship: 1st place

December 2023

Scandanavia Finale

46 Teams
Nominations: 3 categories
Technology: 1st place
Innovation project: 2nd place
Championship: Top 3

Feb 2024

Scandinavian Innovation Awards

Shortlisted in the Top 10 out of 595 teams to present innovation project

July 2024

APAC Open Championship

Competing against 66 global teams in Sydney, Australia